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28/08/2021 -

The Oil and Gas industry must follow the highest standards of safety, reliability and quality. The compressors used on offshore units, refineries and petrochemical plants need to be adapted to the challenges of high risk operations.

With that in mind, HBR provides a extended range of compressors in compliance with American Petroleum Institute (API) standards, offering maximum control and performance to onshore and offshore operations!

Engineering, technology and energy efficiency

For over 36 years, HBR has a team specialized in manufacture, commissioning and maintenance of engineered equipment.

Based on this experience and expertise, our team designs rotary and centrifugal compressors, ideal for air and gas compression requirements in the chemical, oil and gas industries.

Operations with compressed air, compression of natural gas and biogas are some of the processes that our compressor meets.

Our equipment is available in single-stage and multi-stage models, both oil flooded or oil free type.

In addition, we provide complete solutions for our customers:

– Monitoring systems;

– Service plans;

– On-site training;

– Mechanical tests and documentation;

– Worlwide.

Count on performance gains and the peace of mind of working with specialized solutions, with all the support of a team that understands your challenges!