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Chiller is developed for PETROBRAS

20/10/2020 -

HBR Chiller

The Campos basin is considered the most prolific basin located in Brazil due to its extensive offshore production, mainly based on FPSOs (Floating, Production, Storage and Offloading Units). Such huge offshore units demand huge equipment, but the HBR team gathers the knowledge and experience necessary to develop the most efficient solutions!

Recently, our engineers delivered an exclusive air conditioning system at one of Petrobras FPSOs, P57, localized at Campos Basin. The project has the purpose of cooling the oil storage tanks as a life support system during the cleaning and inspection work.

The air conditioning system consists of two main equipment, each one presenting an individual control panel:

– 200 TR Chiller

– Fan Coil with air flow of 27,000m³ / h

The interconnection between the air conditioning system and the tanks is done through flexible ducts, all provided by HBR as a one single solution.

In order to comply with this critical environment, our team decided to provide all equipment assembled on skids. The project was designed to meets Petrobras standards for transportation by sea and hoisting, both for loading at the port and unloading on the platform.

The Chiller Skid has two independent circuits of 100TR each, being one required to meet the demand and the other available as back-up circuit in order to assure uninterrupted operation.

In the Fan Coil Skid, HBR engineers have designed only one system with the entire chilled water distribution circuit, consisting of two pumps (one as a back-up) in addition to the Power panels. This set is responsible for pumping water between the Chiller and the Fan Coil.

These systems are expected to remain on board the P-57 until the end of October.

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