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Engineered Equipment

When do you apply our products:

  • Custom solutions
  • Full attendance of client’s specification
  • Full attendance of national and international standards
    (API, ASME, NACE, TEMA, BRAZILIANS NRs, among others)

Why to do you need HBR Engineered Solutions:

  • Single source of responsibility
  • Plug and play, fully skidded package
  • Fully optimized and cost-efficient solutions

HBR Engineered Solutions is our Business Unit responsible for all customized equipment within HBR’s group.

HBR has been custom solution provider of compression and process systems for over 30 years. With projects ranging from single skids delivery to full EPCI development, our team of expert engineers and technicians will help you to find the best design for your application.

Our dedicated workshop in São Paulo, Brazil, has been delivered customized units for applications on chemical, petrochemical, textile, food & beverage, steel mill and oil&gas markets covering a wide range of needs.

HBR São Paulo workshop is a global competence center that design and assemble air compressors, gas compressors, lube oil systems, nitrogen generators, gas dehydration systems, among others. Our world-leading solutions combine custom engineering and state-of-the art knowledge to deliver excellence every time.

Our Full Stream Testing Facility provides the measurement of all relevant parameters of the compressor operation, collecting data and simulating field conditions.

Our team of Project Managers and QA/QC will go above and beyond to assure that the correct practices are followed every step of the way.

Reciprocating Compressors
(API 618)

Compressores de Ar de Partida

Instrument Air Compressors
(API 619)

Compressor de ar de instrumento (API 619)

Centrifugal Compressors
(API 672)

Centrifugal Compressors (API 672)

Dew Point Control Units
by Refrigeration

Unidades de controle de ponto de orvalho por refrigeração

Gas Dehydration Units

Gas Dehydration Units

Gas Seal Panels

Gas Seal Panels

Lube Oil Skid – LOS

Lube Oil Skid - LOS

Nitrogen Generators

Geradores de nitrogênio

Rotary Gas

Rotary Gas Compressors

Seal Systems

Gas Seal Systems