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Centrifugal Compressors (API 672)

Centrifugal compressors (API 672)

Specially developed for high performance and reliability applications for the Oil Refinery and Petrochemical and Chemical Industries segments, the HBR-designed centrifugal air compressors meet the requirements of API 672 as well as the specific requirements of our customers.

HBR’s engineering team has experience and knowledge in these segments, obtained through the supply of this type of compressor over 30 years ago, valuing operational reliability, energy efficiency and the customization of the equipment according to the needs of each application.

The compressors are certified as Class 0 by ISO 8573, guaranteeing the supply of oil-free air to the instrument air lines, as well as for process air applications.

Compressors can be driven by an electric motor or steam turbine, allowing operational flexibility and optimizing energy use according to availability at your plant.

The lubrication system is designed according to API 614, considering the most critical operating conditions, ensuring continuous operation without unexpected stops.

We also provide the complete control system for autonomous and automatic operation, as well as the vibration and temperature monitoring system, for creating trend curves and predictive maintenance planning.

  • Offshore and onshore
  • Electric motor or diesel engine driven
  • ATEX explosion proof, suitable for operation in hazardous environment
  • Carbon steel or stainless-steel components for offshore or refineries application
  • Pressure: up to 40bar
  • Flow: up to 40.000 Nm³/hr
  • Single or multiple stages centrifugal compressor
  • Adsorption or refrigeration dryer
  • PLC control panel

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