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Cookies Policy

HBR Holding understands that it is first necessary to explain what a cookie is. A cookie can be defined as an identifier (in text file format) that can be generated or collected from your mobile phone or browser to identify your browsing profile or make a particular page available for access.

When using cookies, HBR Holding offers a better access experience for you, considering that it is personalized to your profile. So, we are able to offer products and services that are compatible with your profile, making your navigation on our website much easier and more enjoyable. Cookies do not give access to your devices and also do not reveal information in a way other than what you have chosen to share with us.

We emphasize that it is possible to manage or disable cookies in your browser settings. However, if you choose to disable all cookies, there is a possibility that some items on our site cannot be accessed. As an example, the cookies used on the HBR Holding website demonstrate the count of users who visited our website or even if you chose to access our website in Portuguese on your first access. Cookies will allow you to use it on your next access. the site continues in Portuguese, making your experience even better.

HBR Holding can send e-mails about its products or services so that you can follow our portfolio if you agree with that, and if for some reason in the future you change your mind just access the link marketing@hbr.net below from this page to disable our notifications. HBR Holding will cancel these notifications within 10 working days.