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Gas Dehydration Units

Gas Dehydration Units

Gas dehydration is a process of extracting moisture out of natural gas or any other gas mixtures. It is often applied on offshore and onshore oil & gas production, as well as in petrochemical processing.

HBR has been manufacturing dehydration units for more than 35 years, applying both absorption and adsorption technologies:

  • Absorption: Glycol drying (TEG – Triethylene Glycol)
  • Adsorption: Activated Alumina and Molecular Sieves

HBR gas dehydration custom solutions are designed in several standard size units as well as fully custom units for field gas gathering units, gas processing plants, and onshore/offshore production units.

HBR-AB solutions (TEG – Triethylene Glycol) has completed units ranging from 1 MMSCFD to 400 MSCFD and TEG circulation rates from 1 USGPM to 72 USGPM. Typically, units operating from 10 barg to 100 barg are designed to achieve less than 65 mg/m3 outlet gas water content. We have designed units with lean TEG concentrations from 99.3 wt% up to 99.8 wt%. HBR also builds TEG Dehydration Units for sweet or sour gas applications.

HBR-AD solutions (Activated Alumina and Molecular Sieves) are extremely flexible and can achieve very low water concentration, able to operate with contaminated gases. With very few moving parts, HBR skids may be provided in two-tower and three-tower configurations.

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