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Nitrogen Generators

Geradores de Nitrogênio

For all industrial segments, HBR solution for on-site nitrogen generation brings valuable economic and purity control advantages. Applying PSA or MEMBRANE technology, our systems are ultra-compact and fully mounted and integrated on skids.

With HBR Purity Control System, ideal for Petrochemical and Oil & Gas industries, our customers are able to produce nitrogen meeting in the most varied levels of purity (up to 99.99%) with total control during operation.

When compared with delivered N2, on-site production can also represent a reduction up to 90% in the cost of the cubic meter of nitrogen. The nitrogen produced on-site is owned by your company, with total cost control and without logistic interference.

  • Offshore and onshore
  • Pressure: 5 to 200 bar
  • Flow: 5 to 5000 Nm³/hr
  • Purity: up to 99,99%
  • Membrane or PSA technology
  • PLC control panel
  • Prepared for lifting
  • Operation in hazardous area
95% Purity98%
Number of MembranesN2 production
Air Consumption
N2 production
Air Consumption
 GN2-01-M1 12,65,81,34,4
 GN2-01-M2 25,211,62,68,8
 GN2-01-M3 410,423,25,217,6
 GN2-02-M1 128,163,014,347,0
 GN2-02-M2 256,2126,028,694,0
 GN2-02-M4 4112,4252,057,2188,0
 GN2-02-M8 8224,8504,0114,4376,0
 GN2-03-M1 1178,0399,090,0293,0
 GN2-03-M2 2356,0798,0180,0586,0
 GN2-03-M3 3538,01197,0270,0879,0
 GN2-03-M4 4712,01596,0360,01172,0

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