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Air Delivery


Air delivery - outsourced compressed air

Air Delivery: vídeo case

The Air Delivery division delivers, with zero investment from the client, operational costs reduction and increase of energetic efficiency to companies that use compressed air as a utility. Besides this, reduce the company assets, providing a improve in the financial index.

  • Zero investment and 100% uptime
  • Air compressed delivery without equipment activation
  • New or used equipment
  • Industrial or offshore application
  • Long-term contracts or spot demand
  • Energy consumption warranted
  • Maintenance and operation
  • Remotely monitoring
  • Compressed air: compressors, dryers, filters, cooling towers, others
  • Pumping systems: pumps, skids, reservoirs, others
  • Cold: cooling towers, chillers, others
  • Gas treatment: cleaning and treatment, compression, operation, others
  • Inert gas generation: N2, CO2, others
  • Electrical and control: special panels, transformers, others
  • Installation: mechanical, pipe, electrical, control, others


Steel Industry

Location: Pindamonhangaba / SP
Beginning: 2004
(4) centrifugal compressors
(8) lubricated screws
(9) Dryers, refrigeration and adsorption
(3) closed circuit cooling towers

4400 HP –  13000 PCM


Aluminum Packing

Location:  Jacareí/SP, Cuiabá, Brasilia, Santa Cruz/RJ, Recife and Águas Claras/RS
Beginning: 2004
(11) centrifugal compressors
(9) compressors (screw, piston, VSD)
(15) adsorption and refrigeration dryers
(8) cooling towers

6000 HPs 20000 PCM
National Service


Brewery (ENER)

Biogas Treatment Plant
BOOT contract between 5 and 11 years


Auto Parts Manufacturer

Biogas Treatment Plant
BOOT contract between 5 and 11 years

Differences between rental and air delivery services


  • Fleet equipment

  • Answer an emergency

  • Opportunity price

  • Equipment solution

Air Delivery

  • New equipment

  • Application engineering

  • Long term alliance

  • Process solution

  • Scope flexibility