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How to save up to 20% of Energy using the Compressed Air Management System

29/09/2017 -

There are many ways to save energy on compressed air systems. One of them is the sequencer or compressed air management system, which provides an effective and significant saving of electricity. Sequencers are management systems that control multiple industrial compressors, operating only with the exact number required, based on a working pressure signal, usually with only one compressor operating in partial load mode and the remainder fully loaded. In many cases, not all compressors are operating properly in the “automatic” mode, generating greater energy consumption and waste of compressed air, as well as other problems such as excessive engine starts (and short cycle operation), thus causing serious damage to it and consequently generating high maintenance costs. Through an electronic analysis, the sequencer will detect the exact demand of compressed air and will work only with what is necessary to meet the need of productive demand, removing unwanted operation and eliminating waste, thus generating greater energy efficiency and increasing the life of the equipment and the reliability of the production system. HBR is intended to make compressed air, pumping, refrigeration and gas systems more intelligent, efficient, reliable and available.