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20/04/2020 -

HBR delivers P-75 and P-77 VRU (Vapor Recovery Units) and sets a new standard on delivery time and quality. 2016 has been a very busy time for our engineering and fabrication departments. During the year four new sets of vapor recovery units, made up of one compression skid and one process skid each, were successful delivered by HBR in partnership with KOBELCO Compressors. 2.600 kW power and over 150tons, each VRU is a combination of reliable components, high-level engineering and detailed planning in fabrication. The equipment, fully certified by ABS (American Bureau of Shipping), will be sailing from Santos Port in Brazil to China, where they will be finally integrated on the FPSOs. Due to local content requirements, HBR procurement department performed an extensive research on the Brazilian supply chain, resulting in a level of 65% certified LC. The application of Brazilian vendors also assisted on reducing the schedule, with the original delivered time shortened in over 90 days. According to Mr. Nelson Cueva, HBR President, this project “is a successful example of our Oil and Gas sector, where a world-class quality was achieved with very competitive prices”. “This is a result of HBR’s 30-year experience in offshore projects in Brazil and abroad, combined with several investments in people and product development”.